Monia Marchionni


I was born in Fermo in 1981, I live in Porto San Giorgio (Italy).
For ten years I lived in Bologna where, in 2005, I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and in 2008 I gained a degree from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy with a specialization in History of Contemporary Art. During my university years I wrote articles for Inside Art magazine and worked for the FMR publishing house where I discovered the world of prestigious publishing: I observed, studied and catalogued colour photos of great masters of photography. After a period dedicated to installation, I chose to continue research photography independently, feeling the need for an art form that would help me to show reality as I perceive it, by modifying it to create my own portion of the world; an image of thought more than a photograph.
The look is authorial, the style is recognizable, the approach is that of staged photography.

Between 2008 and 2010, I completed the first two joint projects with the photographer Luca Bellumore, but the turning point came in 2014 during a trip with my husband to the North of Chile: I was impressed by the Atacama desert, the surreal atmospheres and silence of such vast and heterogeneous territories. I had taken with me a Nikon, a white dress and a book by Isabelle Allende and I came back pregnant with my daughter and my first photographic series “Never Again the Fog in the Desert”, which awarded me the “Nominee” at the FAPA Awards in London in 2017 and an Honorable Mention at the 2018 IPA-Lucie Awards.

From 2016 to 2019, I dedicated myself to the “Fermo Visioni Extra Ordinarie” project; several shots won international awards including: IPA-Lucie Awards, Artrooms Fair in London and the  Arte Laguna Prize.
In 2019, I won the Life Framer Award in London with a shot from the series “Gardens from the Sky”, thanks to which I won 3rd place at The Independent Photographer Awards 2021, Honorable Mentions at the SIPA Awards 2020 and at the IPA Award 2020.

2020 represented a year of confirmations, with the “Primo Amore” project started in 2018 and dedicated to my city Porto San Giorgio, I won the Ghergo – Young Talent Award. I won 3rd place at the FAPA Awards in London, I was a finalist for the Marco Pesaresi Award. The Italian TV networks SkyTG24 and TGMarche broadcast in-depth analyses of my work, and Black Camera of Rolling Stone published an article about .

In 2020 I also presented Primo Amore to a portfolio reading at the IMP Festival – International Month of Photojournalism and the Italian Collection – New Talents of Photography curated by Italy Photo Awards.
During the lockdown imposed to fight the Covid_19 pandemic, I created the domestic project “I Giorni Necessari” which has been republished by the most important magazines and photo agencies: Contrasto, Perimeter, PhotoVogue,, EyesOpen ! and Il Fotografo Magazine. The project was a finalist in the “Isolation: you me we” call of the Lucie Foundation of Los Angeles and was published in the international Musée Magazine.

I have exhibited in Italy and Europe, in art fairs and festivals, in both group and personal exhibitions. I have always worked to have the necessary independence to create personal photographic projects, alternating them with commercial projects for the family leather goods company.
I follow the example of three masters of life: my father Gianni, my mother Mirella, and the collector-mail artist Fausto Paci.
I am inspired by the environment that surrounds me, by the history of a place, by my own pain and memories and those of others. I bring the extraordinary out of the ordinary.


Settembre-Dicembre: Premio Ghergo bi-personale con Tony Thorimbert, Galleria Effetto Ghergo, Montefano, a cura di Denis Curti. In mostra “Primo Amore”;

Esercizi di Resistenza, (feat Luca Bellumore) Palazzo del Ridotto – Galleria d’arte Moderna, Cesena, a cura di Maria Grazia Melandri e Emanuela Agnoli

Prolegomeni, (feat Luca Bellumore) Galleria Spazio Mecenate, Roma, a cura di Sara Rella

Opere scelte, Galleria Orange Studio, Porto San Giorgio (FM), a cura di Monja Ercoli


GROUP (selection)
Ott-Nov: SIPA Award,  mostra dei vincitori, Ex Distilleria Lo Stellino, Siena

– Dic-Gen: Ledame Art Gallery, Melià White House, Londra
– Ottobre: Life Framer Photography Prize, mostra dei vincitori, Officine Fotografiche, Milano
– Ottobre: Eneganart, Museo degli Innocenti, Firenze, a cura di Enegan SPA
– Settembre: Life Framer Photography Prize, mostra dei vincitori, Bermondsey Project Space, London
– Marzo: 13° Premio Arte Laguna, Nappe dell’Arsenale, Venezia, a cura di Igor Zanti

– Eneganart, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, a cura di Enegan SPA
– Premio Malamegi Lab 9, Galleria Imago Ars, Venezia, a cura di Malamegi

Premio Opera, Sede CGIL, Ravenna, a cura di CGIL

Last Young. Under 35 in Italia, Villa Brivio, Nova Milanese, (MI) a cura di Lorenzo Respi

– Biennale Giovani Artisti marchigiani, Palazzo Sforza, Civitanova Marche, (MC) a cura di Manuela Cerolini
– V Premio Arte Laguna, Nappe dell’Arsenale, Venezia, a cura di Igor Zanti (Catalogo)
– Big Bang Yourself, Arte Fiera Off, Studio di Nardo, Bologna, a cura di Alice Zannoni

– IV Premio Mario Razzano – Biennale giovani artisti, Museo ARCOS, Benevento, a cura di Ass. Proposta, selezionata dal critico Luciano Marucci
– Metamorfismi. Identità e Alterità, Fornace di Asolo, a cura di Carlo Sala
– IV Premio Arte Laguna, Tese dell’Arsenale, Venezia, a cura di Igor Zanti

– Avvertenze Artistiche, Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Roma, a cura di Emanuele Ladovaz e Monica Ratti (Catalogo)
– LIII Biennale di Venezia, Krossing, Forte Marghera, Mestre-Venezia, a cura di Andrea Bonifacio


– The Independent Photographer, 3° posto categoria Street Life, giudice Martin Parr;
– From Studio Lockdown Art Prize, Londra, selezionata dal giudice Kate Edwards (The Guardian)

– Premio Arturo Ghergo, vincitrice Giovane Talento/ premio alla carriera Tony Thorimbert;
– SIPA Award, Siena Photography Award, vincitrice “Honorable Mantion” categoria “Street Life”
– Premio Marco Pesaresi – SIFEST Savignano sul Rubicone, finalista;
– Lucie Fondation Award, ISOLATION, finalista;
– Italy Photo Award, finalista lettura portfolio per IPM FESTIVAL – International Month of Photojournalism e ingresso nell’Italian Collection – Nuovi talenti della fotografia;
– FAPA – Fine Art Photography Award, 3° posto, categoria “Open Theme”, Londra

– IPA International Photography Award – One Shot Street, vincitrice 2 Honorable Mantion sezione Life Street Life e Moments
– Life Framer Award, 2° posto,  categoria Street Life, giudice David Alan Harvey;
– Eneganart, finalista, Museo degli Innocenti, Firenze;
– 13° Premio Arte Laguna, finalista Fotografia, Tese dell’Arsenale, Venezia;

– Eneganart, finalista, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze;
– IPA International Photography Award, vincitrice n. 2 Honorable Mantion, categorie Fine Art  e Other;
– Urban DotArt Street Photo, finalista, Trieste;
– FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, vincitrice 3 Nominees nella categoria Fine Art e 5 Nominees categoria Open
– Malamegi Lab 9 International Prize, 3° posto

– Premio Opera, Sede CGIL Ravenna, vincitrice

– Biennale Giovani Artisti Marchigiani, vincitrice del premio “G.B. Salvi”, Palazzo Sforza, Civitanova Marche (MC)

– V Premio Arte Laguna, vincitrice del premio “Sala Stampa”, Nappe dell’Arsenale, Venezia
– IV Premio Mario Razzano, Museo ARCOS, Benevento

– IV Premio Arte Laguna, sez. Fotografia, Tese dell’Arsenale, Venezia


– PHOTO PARIS OFF 12-14 Nov. Street Sans Frontieres, a cura di Martin Vegas, Galerie Joseph Turenne, Parigi
– PARATISSIMA – Ph-Ocus on, a cura di Laura Tota, Artiglieria Contemporary Art Center, Torino
– FORMAT 21, 11 Marzo – 12 aprile: “Control” – online su New Art City, Room 6, a cura di UAL PARC di Londra
– XPOSURE, DUBAI 10-13 Feb. 2021 – SIPA Award in mostra le foto vincitrici 2020, Expo Center Sharjah

ARTROOMS FAIR, Melià White House Hotel, Londra

AAF, Affordable Art Fair, Galleria Case Aperte, Superstudio più, Milano


[2005] Laurea Accademia Belle Arti di Bologna

[2008] Laurea in Storia dell’Arte Contemporanea, Dipartimento Lettere e Filosofia, Bologna

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